The Grid kit | Particle operator assembly for MODO

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The Grid kit | Particle operator assembly for MODO

Modo Nerdistry by Mr.Uzu
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The Grid kit is a tool designed to create grid/maze-like structures using modo particles and also have some additional things which make work with particles, particle simulations and curves created from the particle movement – easier. All of this so you can spend more time creating things and have fun rather than thinking „how to make this thing” and struggle with technicalities. 

UPDATE 1 (not numbered as version):
- Additional 3 scenes, complete projects from the promo video.
- very small fix to the user channels order in "Axis chooser".

See it in action:
Introduction & small tutorial video:
What you can do with The Grid kit? | #01 (plus settings recipe for the look): 

Current version:

Contents of the kit:

1. The Grid Assembly : main tool for controlling particles.

2. TG Emitter assembly: for easier start.

3. TG Optimizer assembly: for shaping and optimizing polylines created from particle movement. 

4. Slight changes to some parts of modo UI so that workflow with particle simulations is easier, happier and more productive :)

5. Example scenes.

6. Documentation/help.

MODO 11.0 and up 
(MODO 11.2 if you want to use TracerX)

It was NOT tested on modo 10 (modo 901 has problems with correct working so it may also be a case with 10).
It was NOT tested on Apple system.


It's not necessary but it's nice to have TracerX and GeoFrom Curves and Empolygonizer plugins as those makes work with curves and particles much better and greatly enhance your possibilities. 

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