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Modo Nerdistry: Shading Nerd 2.0.7 [MODO kit + Updates]

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Modo Nerdistry: Shading Nerd 2.0.7 [MODO kit + Updates]

Modo Nerdistry by Mr.Uzu
24 ratings

Shading Nerd Kit 2.0 for Foundry Modo is a set of scripts, pie menus, workflows and around 200 new thumbnails and icons both for preset browser and shader tree.
All those things were created to make the shading workflow in modo - easier, quicker, and nicer. 

Full Feature Playlist Videos at:
V2.0 Full Main Features List:
1. Shader Tree Pie Menus
for quicker shader tree workflow when adding layers or changing effects.

2. Signature Icons and preset browser Thumbnails
for textures and materials with original design for better visual description of procedurals.

3. Add Item Preset Browser for Shader Tree
to match other modo Add Item Preset Browsers.

4. Easy In Viewport Texture Transforms (UV, Projected and Grouped)
without need to select locator and using standard modo Transform tools.

5. Shading Effect from Selected Channel:
Add shader layer with already applied effect based on channel selection.

6. Enhanced Procedural Material Tag MeshOp.
Scene materials list, ability to create new material from within the meshop.

7. Favourites System for Shader Tree Items and Effects.
Through dedicated shader tree menus for even quicker adding layers and changing their effects.

8. Custom Properties Forms for:
Material, Fur Material, Render Output, Surface Generator, Gradient and Common Layer Properties.

9. Quick Access Bar for textures and image map
Easier Access to texture locator options without selecting it.

10. Redefinded workflows for:
Texture Offsets and Texture Replicators

11. Quick preview methods for Procedural Textures:
Easy access to RayGL preview and texture preview window (latter feature removed due performance issues).

12. Customizable Kit:
Pie Menus, Custom Forms and Features: Easily turn on or off stuff you don't like, including new icons.

v2.0.2 [27.04.22] - Fixed strange issue with meshops clash, updated forms to be compatible with modo 16
v2.0.3 [28.04.22] - Fixed missing texture cache size from layer options (located in layer options popup)
v2.0.5 [05.05.22] - Fixed missing options for material smoothing and mac os issue with add to favourite script (path to thumbnail was bogged).
v2.0.6 [16.08.22] - Fixed issue with Stitch Tool
v2.0.7 [14.03.23] - Python 3.x comaptibilty, removed double click procedural texture preview (which was based on modo preview) due to huge performance issues when firing modo preview.

Previous release features V1.0.0 - V1.0.1 - march 2021
1. The new Custom Preset Browser for the Shader Tree with over 160 new thumbnails for almost all of the modo procedural textures and materials - allows better discoverability of sometimes not very well explored procedural texturing capabilities of modo. 
2. Enhanced system (a mixture of scripts and pie menus) of adding layers to the shader tree and changing their effects - making your workflow more efficient with much fewer clicks (yay!).
3. Redesigned shader item icons and additional texture type icons for better distinction and overall more pleasant look which helps find them quickly without looking at their names. 
4. Option to set default material type for newly created modo material to principled. 

Modo Compatibility (tested)
13.2 - 15 / 16
Older modo (lower than 13) version are tested to some degree but not recommended for Custom Properties Forms.
Most other features should work however.

If you have some specific workflow and would like to see some custom-designed scripts or workflows - contact me. Optimizing and making people's lives easier is my passion and mission.

- Mateusz aka Mr. UZU
  Modo Nerdistry Main Nerd

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Modo Nerdistry: Shading Nerd Kit and any following updates.


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