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Modo Nerdistry: Selection Nerd Kit [ v1.1.4 + v1.1.5a1 Alpha update 07/05/2022 ]

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Modo Nerdistry: Selection Nerd Kit [ v1.1.4 + v1.1.5a1 Alpha update 07/05/2022 ]

Modo Nerdistry by Mr.Uzu
12 ratings

Selection Nerd Kit (v_1.1.4 + 1.1.5 alpha) for Foundry Modo is a set of scripts and configs alongside some UI/UX design and most importantly WORKFLOW which intention is to speed up, refine, improve and redefine the selections workflow in Foundry Modo.

Main Features:

1. TASSO - Tool Adjustment Selection Style Override

2. Smart Selections

3. Component Type Live Filter

4. Item Type Live Filter

5. UI/UX and workflow Improvements:

- New Signature Edition Icons for Components and selection options

- Improved behavior for Assemblies:
-> correct properties/tab is displayed when the assembly is clicked.

- Improved Selection Sets Panel - Reorganization and Icons

- Improved Properties for procedural selection sets workflow:
-> Select by Selection Set
-> Mesh Data Array 

Update 1.1.0 Features:

6. Smart Loops
7. Select by Similarity
8. Select Intersection for Components (vertices, edges, polygons)
9. TASSO new feature - exclude specific tool from the overrides

10. Bugfixes 

Update 1.1.1 - 1.1.4 Contents:Various bugfixes. 

Update 1.1.5 Alpha:
- select concave convex colinear vertices on flat ngon / curves

Modo Compatibility (tested)

There is no need for individual kit per modo version (for now, if additional feedback will prove otherwise - the kit will be updated to reflect and fix any issues)
Modo 15.x - works as intended
Modo 14.x - works as intended
Modo 13.x - works as intended

Not Supported:
Modo 12.x and below

If you have some specific workflow and would like to see some custom-designed scripts or workflows - contact me. Optimizing and making people's lives easier is my passion and mission.

- Mat aka Mr. UZU
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