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Modo Nerdistry: Clean Kit

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Modo Nerdistry: Clean Kit

Modo Nerdistry by Mr.Uzu
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Clean Kit (v_1.0.0) for Foundry Modo is a handy helper for the clean installation of 3rd party kits.

Main Features:
Sometimes happens that the new version of the kit has some changes in files, internal script methods, amount of files, and other improvements. With normal lpk file installation (by drag and drop) it might happen that some issues can be introduced. 

Usually, it is advised to manually delete the old version of the kit and install it again with the latest version number. 
It can be a tedious task and for some users not so straightforward. 
And here comes this little kit that performs those operations for the user if the conflict of existing and incoming files will be detected. 
It also informs the user what is installed already and what will be installed (based on the filename). 

Modo and System Compatibility: 
Windows 10

modo 15.x
modo 14.x

! Not tested
and any modo versions on this system.

If you have some specific workflow and would like to see some custom-designed scripts or workflows - contact me. Optimizing and making people's lives easier is my passion and mission.

- Mat aka Mr. UZU
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